Tactile shapes both subtly and vividly colored, made with beech wood. Your Kid can play with, invent with and imagine beyond.
Good looking toys we love to live with.

Nathalie Lete
Nathalie lete was born in 1964. She lives and works in paris. She works in many ways, mixing different techniques and mediums, illustration, ceramics, textile and painting… She is inspired by her travels, but also by the mixing of vintage toys and old engravings of flowers and animals. Her work is colourful, naive and poetic, sometimes strange, to the point of tending towards art brut. Her world is nurtured by popular and folk art.
Art for you and your little one.

Mua Mua dolls
A hand- knitted doll of Karl Lagerfeld made in a factory in Bali turned Mua Mua dolls into a big rage. Ludovica not only made the doll in her “Warhol Inspired” factory but presented it to Lagerfeld and the king of fashion approved with a nod. + A cool tee collection you can strut in with your tiny tot. The production in Bali is a conscious effort to help the local community the opportunity to save for higher education.
Fashion + Humanity , why not?

Baby Barolo
Made of 100% ecotex cotton cover & lining with 93% goose down + 7% goose feather filling which makes it a very exclusive product. Your baby will be in a snuggly swaddled cloud.
This cocoon will surely keep your treasure protected.

Hanns-Peter Krafft
Designed in 1982 these beautifully made wooden sheep are made of real sheep skin, beech legs and leather ears.
Perfect for you or your kids-room, undoubtedly the best in design and quality.
Strong enough to be used as stools too!

Fashion with tact and passion , after 5 years in the “Beaux-Arts” in Paris and a career in cinema Maud de Longevialle gives us a stunning collection impeccably made.
Timeless elegance is delivered & you will probably envy your littles ones closet.

Lucky boy Sunday
Two highly creative textile designers Camilla & Camilla produce  modern luxury in form of knitted art toys and soft furnishings.
Strong evolved designs with quirks, definitely you and your kiddo will love.
Made with the softest alpaca in cooperatives working under the fair trade principle, LBS supports the bolivian knitters who interpret their designs beautifully.

Fog linenwork
Modern light- weight linen trays covered with poly resin designed by Yumiko Sekine are produced in Lithuania.
We love linen & these blend in beautifully and now a collection for your toddlers too to enjoy their snacks and meals.
No worries this linen will not stain.

A french company dedicated in creating contemporary architect games and puzzles for the curious minds & sets the road to critical thinking with a lot of fun and game.

Bower is a contemporary design studio based in New York City founded by Danny Giannella and Tammer Hijazi in 2013. Through a free experimental design process they bring unique and unexpected objects into people’s lives. Tammer and Danny love finding an intriguing characteristic in anything from plants and animals, to toys from their childhood and dreaming up completely different functional applications for it, often ending with delightfully surprising results. This process is their happy place, experimenting and exploring a detail that has caught their interest without being sure how it will manifest itself in the end. The spirit of discovery in Danny and Tammer’s process lives though their objects and is felt when people engage with a Bower design.

bower kiko cinqpoints
Lucky Boy Sunday